HYDAC Hydraulic System

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Product description:Everything stems from only one. The scope of supply of HYDAC products mainly includes the following aspects: Accumulator technology: bladder accumulators piston accumulators diaphragm accumulators various types of shock absorbers etc. F

Everything stems from only one.
The scope of supply of HYDAC products mainly includes the following aspects:
Accumulator technology: bladder accumulators, piston accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, various types of shock absorbers, etc.
Fluid filtration technology: all kinds of hydraulic pressure, lubrication filters, oil filter vehicles, vacuum dehydration vehicles, oil detectors.
Process technology: special media filter, automatic backwash filter.
Electronic measurement technology: pressure, temperature, flow detection switch, sensor and display, fault diagnosis instrument, etc.
Cooling technology: oil/air cooler, water cooler, various cooling devices, oil supply pump.
Hydraulic control technology: hydraulic direction, pressure, flow control valve, proportional valve, ball valve.
Hydraulic and lubrication system assembly: hydraulic lubrication power station, control valve block, hydraulic actuator for various purposes.
Pipeline installation technology: ball valves, pipe clamps, flanges, pipe joints, hose assemblies, quick joints.
Others: pressure gauges, pressure gauge switches, pressure measuring hoses, pressure measuring joints, level gauges, air filters, bell covers, etc.
Covers many industries in the world.
Germany HYDAC Technology GmbH specializes in the production of components and devices for fluid filtration technology, hydraulic control technology, and electronic measurement technology. It is a world-renowned filter, accumulator, hydraulic valve, electronic product, pipe clamp, electromagnet, and hydraulic system. A manufacturer of hydraulic parts for other products. HYDAC products have a wide range of applications, covering almost all walks of life, especially in the metallurgical industry, automobile industry, power equipment, chemical industry, engineering machinery, paper industry, shipbuilding industry, and machine tool manufacturing. HYDAC has branches or subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including manufacturing bases in the United States, France, India, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, and China.
Professional production and service team
HYDAC Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in September 1996, with a company area of ??34598.4 square meters. She is the only wholly-owned enterprise with production capacity of HYDAC in China, and is responsible for the sales and technical services of HYDAC products in China. Hedeke Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and is widely accepted by users for its excellent price-performance ratio and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services. It is a reliable partner of users.
The purpose of Hedeke Hydraulic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is: to win the market with quality; to consolidate the market with service; to open up the market with innovation.
Filtration and fluid conditioning
Hydraulic accumulators
Manifolds, housings
Heat exchangers / coolers
Cooling systems
Bell housings and accessories
Measurement, display and analysis tools
Control technology, connectivity
Solenoid technique
Fittings / ball valves
Mounting technology
Pipe connections
Couplings for fluids
Power units
Motion control systems
High pressure hydraulics
Mobile Hydraulics
Mobile Valves
Software Suite
When it comes to filtration technology, HYDAC is a market pioneer. For decades, our product range has included efficient and safe filtration solutions for hydraulic and lubrication oil, water, fuel, coolants and other processing fluids. From powerful hydraulic and lubrication oil filters to fuel filters and process filters, the extensive product portfolio includes efficient fluid conditioning systems and smart solutions for fluid conditioning monitoring that analyse fluids and also define measures for increasing the productivity of machinery and reducing fluid consumption. The high-quality filtration products are always developed with the customer in mind and enable efficient and reliable system operation.
An overview of HYDAC filtration technology – the right filtration concept for any application
HYDAC supplies laboratory-based technologies and innovations that have been put to the test in practice within a broad filter range for liquid and gaseous media. All filtration products are made to very high quality and reliably increase the service life of components, systems and machinery. They are the reason why HYDAC's high-quality filtration technology has been able to establish itself in a wide range of industries and applications over the last decades. In the HYDAC FluidCareCenter, the research and development centre for filtration, HYDAC focuses on specific market trends and customer requirements. As a result, innovative products are constantly being created, such as HYDAC Stat-X filter elements that prevent electrostatic charging in the system or even entire filter-tank systems with elevated degassing power (Tank optimisation).
Hydraulic filters and lubrication filters
The product range of HYDAC hydraulic and lubrication filters covers a broad array of filter variants. HYDAC supplies numerous filters as inline filters, tank-mounted filters or flange-mounted filters. From high-, medium- and low-pressure filters and return and suction line filters to return line suction filters as a combined filter design, a broad range of operating pressures is covered. Depending on the application and the specific requirements, the filters are equipped with various filter media and clogging indicators to ensure maximum system safety. HYDAC is thus able to serve a great variety of applications and industries and equip entire hydraulic and lubrication systems with filters. Finally, even complete filter and plastic tank systems are included in our comprehensive product portfolio.
Fluid conditioning systems
For HYDAC, the topic of fluid conditioning covers the varied range of fluid service products and services as well as the closely related fields of fluid monitoring and technical cleanliness. This portfolio is able to serve an extensive range of industries, helping them to increase oil quality , extend service intervals and save costs. The enormous product portfolio includes a large number of measurement and analysis systems like laboratory equipment and component analysis devices and various fluid conditioning systems such as mobile and stationary filter systems. For the many filters in the product range, there are different types of filter element for removing particles, fluids as well as oil ageing products (varnish), depending on the particular field of application.
Process filters
For process filtration, HYDAC supplies filters and filter elements for low- to high-viscosity process media, such as water, ballast and scrubber water, gas, coolants and cleaning fluids, heavy oil and polymer melt. The product range includes automatic filters (AutoFilt ), inline and screen basket filters, gas filters as particle or coalescence filters and Betterfit filter elements. On top of this, our product range also includes complete skid and system solutions, for example those for high-pressure coolant supply or for dealing with high flow rates. Both reusable and thus low-waste filter materials and robust disposable materials with high-quality filter layer structures are used here.
Filter elements
Because of the large number of applications for HYDAC filters, different powerful filter elements configured for the particular application are constantly being created, with optimum contamination retention capacity and long service lives. This makes it possible for HYDAC to supply technically and economically optimised and sustainable filter elements for hydraulic and lubrication filters, diesel fuel filters and process filters, for any application and any industry. In the HYDAC FluidCareCenter, the innovative filter elements are regularly tested and validated to HYDAC quality standards.
Diesel fuel filters
Because of the very strict requirements that apply, diesel fuel must be prepared reliably at all times and at every station in the supply chain – from the production in the refinery all the way to the consumer. To adhere to the high requirements of quality, and thus prevent premature wear and loss of efficiency, especially in common rail injection systems, monitoring and separation of particle contamination and water is indispensable. The HYDAC product range therefore includes corresponding filters, fuel polishing units and sensors. For each step from the refinery to the filling station / in the engine directly, HYDAC supplies specific products for reliably safe fluid monitoring and conditioning. The on-board products like diesel pre-filters and diesel main filters, including those with automatic dewatering, are complemented by products for high flow rates for transport between different handling and storage facilities, filling stations and vehicles.
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