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Product description:Ifm Electronics was established at the end of 1969 we have been continuously developing and growing since the establishment of the company. In 2009 the company had more than 3300 employees worldwide and achieved sales of more than 340 mi

Ifm Electronics was established at the end of 1969, we have been continuously developing and growing since the establishment of the company. In 2009, the company had more than 3,300 employees worldwide and achieved sales of more than 340 million euros.
Ifm provides products and systems for all industries that require industrial automation. What customers get from IFM is not just a ready-made solution, but a product range of position sensors, flow sensors, communication and control systems, and safety technology fields tailored specifically to the requirements of the customer's industry.
Ifm’s motto is to continuously develop towards the established goals, ifm’s pursuit is not the development of technical feasibility, but the rational development that conforms to the interests of customers. On this basis, ifm uses ifm's technology to formulate a plan that is in line with technical and economic interests.
Ifm Electronics is engaged in R&D and production in companies in Germany and the United States. The company's administration and sales management is located in Essen, Ruhr, Germany, and sales branches are located in important regions and countries around the world.
In 1969, the promotion and application of the brand product "efector" proximity sensor developed by IFM in 1969 laid the foundation of IFM's success story.
The success of ifman electronics has benefited from the company's many employees with professional skills and hard work. The professional technology, work experience and efficiency of the employees that are connected with the social communication ability ensure the successful development and growth of Ifm Electronics.
Company Profile Inspection and Control-Since its establishment in 1969, ifm has been committed to optimizing technical processes in almost all industrial fields, and has become one of the leaders in the global automation field. The company has more than 4,300 employees in more than 70 countries around the world, mainly providing R&D and sales services for machinery manufacturing and other industries, with more than 100,000 users.
An extremely wide product line is one of the strengths of ifm, which not only covers standard solutions, but also meets the special requirements of individual industries. In 1969, the family company invented an inductive proximity sensor based on thin film technology, and has since embarked on a successful path. Today, the "efector" brand has become synonymous with position and fluid sensors, object recognition, diagnosis and identification systems, and the "ecomat" brand is an outstanding result of network and control systems.
As a second-generation family-owned company, ifm is headquartered in Essen, Germany, and its R&D and production base is located on Lake Constance in Tettnang, which is an important industrial town inseparable from Germany. Made in Germany-88% of ifm's 7,844 products are produced here. The company has more than 450 employees engaged in research and development here, and has worked closely with many research institutions, universities, and startup companies to obtain more than 580 patents, about 440 valid patents and patent applications, and future-oriented innovative product solutions. These results provide a strong guarantee for all products.
Ifm's broad product group not only considers all standard solutions, but also pays attention to the special needs of individual industries. For factory automation, in addition to position and process smart sensors, ifm's product group includes complex products, such as sensors for motion control and security technology, products for industrial image processing and communication, and software for industry 4.0 System; For the mobile machinery industry, there are robust and reliable controllers and identification systems.
Ifm products are characterized by high precision and good reliability. This is also our commitment and we provide a 5-year warranty. In addition, we are always happy to provide you with advice, support and expertise to become your reliable partner. We are committed to let customers trust our products and regard ifm as the best partner for achieving automation goals.
Inductive proximity switch
Capacitive proximity switch
Magnetic proximity switch
Cylinder switch
Ultrasonic sensor
Photoelectric sensor
Fork and angle photoelectric sensors
Laser sensor ranging sensor
Fiber optic sensors and amplifiers
Photoelectric sensors for specific applications
Touch switch
Valve and valve actuator feedback system
Switching amplifier
Encoder speed sensor
Inclination sensor
Standard signal evaluation system
Signal conversion system
Signal and display system
Pulse estimation system
Sensors for conveyor belt monitoring
Vision sensor
3D sensor
3D imaging system
Inductive safety proximity switch
Safety light curtain
Safety grating
Safety relay
Safety controller
AS-Interface Security Products
RFID coding and magnetic coding
Safety sensor safety products based on IO-Link
Pressure sensor
Vacuum sensor
Flow sensor
Flowmeter level sensor
Temperature sensor
Signal estimation system
Valve and valve actuator feedback system
Analyze the sensor
AS-Interface host
Industrial SmartSPS Controller
Ethernet Field Module
AS-Interface power supply and monitor
AS-Interface I/O module
AS-Interface system and sensors
AS-Interface Security Products
AS-Interface for hazardous areas
Fieldbus components
AS-Interface wiring technology
IO-Link master
IO-Link module
IO-Link products
IO-Link position sensor
IO-Link sensor for motion control
IO-Link process sensor
IO-Link identification system
IO-Link software
IO-Link accessories/connection technology
IO-Link starter package
RFID 125 kHz
RFID 125 kHz with AS-Interface
RFID 13.56 MHz
Optical recognition
I/O module
For operating and monitoring units
Camera for mobile vehicles and construction machinery
Diagnosis/Service Module
Sensors for mobile vehicles and engineering machinery systems
24 V DC switching power supply
AS-Interface power supply
Switching amplifier
Electronic 24V DC circuit breaker
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