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Shanghai Amlpp Co.,Ltd is located in Shanghai City, the center of China's international economy, finance, trade, shipping and technological innovation. The company was established in 2012 and has operations all over the world. Working in a wide range of fields such as electric power,Petroleum gas, Coal mine, metallurgy, environmental protection, etc., making full use of the company's marketing network and supply chain advantages, building a professional among many customers and suppliers , A fast one-click integrated service platform, in order to develop into a "technical service-oriented integrated supplier" goal. Committed to meeting customer needs, solving customer difficulties, introducing more and more complete personalized services for you, providing support for your work, respecting every customer and doing more and better for customers, achieving a win-win situation, Create brilliance together.
Shanghai Amlpp Co., Ltd cooperates with major brand manufacturers to ensure the advantages of product quality, price and delivery time. Our mission is to make the supply of industrial products simple and to be a loyal supplier in your industrial field.
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