Omron Industrial Automation

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Product description:Omron Industrial Automation The Omron Group was founded in 1933 when Mr. Tateishi Kazuma established a small factory called Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Osaka with only two employees at that time. In addition to the product

Omron Industrial Automation
The Omron Group was founded in 1933, when Mr. Tateishi Kazuma established a small factory called Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Osaka with only two employees at that time. In addition to the production of timers in the initial stage, the company later specialized in the production of protective relays. The manufacture of these two products became the starting point of Omron Corporation. In order to adapt to the development of the times, at the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company, the company name and brand name were unified and changed to "Omron Co., Ltd.".
As of March 31, 2012, there were 35,992 employees, a global turnover of 619.5 billion yen, and hundreds of thousands of products, covering a wide range of industrial automation control systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, social systems, and health and medical equipment. Field.
Since its establishment on May 10, 1933, through continuous creation of new social needs, Omron Group has taken the lead in developing and producing non-contact proximity switches, electronic automatic sensor signals, automatic vending machines, automatic station ticketing systems, and automatic cancer cell diagnosis. A series of products and equipment systems have contributed to the advancement of society and the improvement of people’s living standards. At the same time, the Omron Group has rapidly grown into a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, mastering the world’s leading sensor and control core Technology.
It is the development goal of the Omron Group to create social needs and build a "safe", "safe", "environmentally friendly" and "healthy" society.
Basic concept: An enterprise contributes to society.
This concept demonstrates the significance of Omron Group's existence. The so-called "enterprise contributes to the society" means that "a company can only have value when it contributes to the society, can it increase its profits, and it can continue." This is the belief of the founder, Mr. Tateishi Kazuma, and it is also passed down by the Omron Group from generation to generation. Way of thinking. Enterprises exist to provide beneficial value to society. Only by fully repaying the expectations of the society, can we win the trust of society as an excellent corporate citizen and continue. In other words, only companies that are needed by the society and trusted by the society can survive. Such a concept of "survival of the fittest" is the principle of business continuity.
The Omron Group recognizes that the company is a member of the international community. In order to meet economic, environmental, and social requirements in a balanced manner, it has established honest dialogues with its stakeholders and established a deeper relationship of trust. At the same time, it actively contributes to the sustainable development of society, and takes the lead in playing its due role as a "social existence" through fair and transparent corporate activities.
By strengthening the core strength of the group of "sensing and control", we will provide new value to Omron's current users and strive to meet the needs of users as much as possible.
Continuously create the highest value of the enterprise for a long time
Corporate value is the common concern of all corporate stakeholders. Therefore, companies must take the long-term and continuous creation of the highest corporate value in the financial market as their operating goal. To achieve this goal, they must first satisfy users, be praised in the society, and satisfy employees. The result is to improve all companies. The degree of satisfaction of stakeholders, and only when all of this is achieved can it truly provide value to users.
Provide users with a higher level of user value
Value higher than CS (customer satisfaction)-Omron has always focused on grasping social and market changes to create potential social needs among users. This is to go beyond general user satisfaction and provide users with "surprise" value. Omron should further strengthen its advantages in "sensing and control" technology in the future, continue to provide users with the best value they expect, while creating the 21st century and the new era's needs and user value, creating the highest value of the enterprise.
Value management that matches the expectations of the financial market
The so-called enterprise is an organization that uses shareholders' funds to replace shareholders to carry out corporate activities. An enterprise in the international financial market is its responsibility to create benefits that are higher than the cost of capital, and it is also the most basic requirement of the society. The financial market does not want to invest in companies that simply use shareholder’s capital to obtain immediate benefits. Instead, they want to invest in companies that have clear goals, long-term continuous expansion of returns, and "future development prospects." Omron is based on such a The policy conducts business management of corporate value.
The industrial automation solution exhibition hall, Solution Plaza Shanghai (SPS), as a famous industrial tourist attraction in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, has the most luxurious and cutting-edge automation exhibition hall in the industry. The exhibition hall is divided into new product area, environmental area, sensor area, FA product area, component area, and safety product area. For customers who are constantly pursuing innovation in the manufacturing process, introduce Omron's solutions and their applications in special fields. According to the customer's visit requirements, provide a suitable schedule and give a detailed explanation.
Supply the following products
Fiber optic sensor
Photoelectric sensor
Displacement sensor/length sensor
Image sensor
Barcode reader/OCR
Imaging Products
Proximity sensor
Miniature photoelectric sensor
Rotary encoder
Ultrasonic sensor
Pressure sensor
Vibration sensor
Leak sensor
Other sensors
Mechanical Automation Controller
Industrial PC platform
Multi-axis motion controller
Programmable controller
Peripheral tools
Network equipment
Programmable terminal
IT products
RFID system
Mechanical Automation Controller
Motion/Position Control Unit
Frequency converter
Servo motor/servo drive
Safety sensor
Safety light curtain/single beam safety sensor
Safety laser scanner
Safety door switch
Safety limit switch
Safety mat
Safe touch
Push button switch for emergency stop
Safety switch
Safety relay
Safety controller
Security unit
Safety relay unit
Secure drive
Level equipment
Micro switch
Limit switch
Push button switch
Indicator light
Dial switch
General relay
Terminal relay
I/O relay terminal
Solid state relay
Power regulator
Relay for printed circuit board
Safety relay
Timer/time switch
Cam positioner
Digital thermostat
Digital panel meter
Signal converter
Programmable relay
Power supply
Status monitor
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Axial fan
UV-LED irradiator
Static elimination device
Protection equipment for power/equipment
Digital display unit
Laser marking equipment
Connection/saving wiring equipment
Sensor I/O connector/sensor controller
Connectors for printed circuit boards
Check the device
Shared socket/DIN rail/Waterproof cover
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