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Product description:The purpose of Schneider Electric is to empower everyone to maximize the use of energy and resources and to promote human progress and sustainable common development. We provide energy and automation digital solutions to serve the home bu

The purpose of Schneider Electric is to empower everyone to maximize the use of energy and resources, and to promote human progress and sustainable common development. We provide energy and automation digital solutions to serve the home, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial markets.
Schneider Electric SA is a global electrical company headquartered in France and an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation. The group's sales in the 2016 fiscal year were 25 billion euros, and it has more than 160,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world. Founded by the Schneider brothers in 1836. Its headquarters are located in Rueil, France.
The purpose of Schneider Electric is to empower everyone to maximize the use of energy and resources, and to promote human progress and sustainable common development. Also known as Life Is On.
Schneider Electric’s mission is to become a digital partner for users to achieve efficient and sustainable development.
Schneider Electric is committed to promoting digital transformation and serving the home, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial markets. Through the integration of the world's leading technology and energy management technology, interconnected products, controls, software and services from the terminal to the cloud, run through the entire life cycle of the business to achieve integrated enterprise-level management.
Schneider Electric is a global company with localized advantages, committed to promoting an open technology and partner ecosystem, and actively practicing the common values ??of meaning, tolerance and empowerment.
Schneider Electric is one of France's industrial pioneers. Fortune 500 companies in the world, the world's top electrical companies.
In the 19th century, Schneider Electric was engaged in the steel industry, heavy machinery industry, and ship construction; in the 20th century, it was engaged in the power and automation management industry. In the more than 170 years since its establishment, Schneider Electric has encountered numerous challenges and made several major strategic choices. The group has grown into an industry leader. Provide customers with safe, reliable and efficient energy. With the successful development of business in China, Schneider Electric pays more attention to its development in China and is willing to contribute to China's opening up and modernization through further business cooperation.
Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, including energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, and data center and network markets. It is a world leader and has strong market capabilities in residential applications. In the 2012 fiscal year, Schneider's total global revenue reached 24 billion euros and more than 140,000 employees in more than 100 countries.
On May 16, 2017, Schneider Electric officially launched EcoStruxure for the industrial field to Chinese industrial users. EcoStruxure is an open, interoperable system architecture and platform based on the Internet of Things, which can achieve better safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for users in the fields of buildings, infrastructure, industry and data centers. And interconnection.
EcoStruxure follows the standardized communication protocol, supports the efficient operation of smart devices and analyzes functions, and makes control decisions, thereby realizing "embedded interconnection and intelligence". EcoStruxure is jointly developed by Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Intel and other partners, and is open to an ecosystem composed of developers, data experts, hardware and service partners who develop and co-create solutions and applications.
The EcoStruxure architecture and platform adopt advanced technologies in the fields of Internet of Things, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and network security to promote comprehensive innovation at all levels, from interconnected products to edge control, to applications, analysis, and services.
Relying on the deep expertise and rich application experience accumulated in the four terminal markets of building, industry, data center, and infrastructure, solutions are deployed based on six proven reference architectures, namely, building, power distribution, and information technology , Machines, factories and power grids.
The EcoStruxure architecture and platform are the core of Schneider Electric's IoT system architecture, realizing comprehensive interconnection from the production workshop to the management level; with the help of sensors, it collects key data to the cloud, and analyzes the data in depth to find valuable analysis results. Through the penetration and connection between real-time information and business logic, we help customers seize opportunities and act decisively. The application, analysis and service layer of the EcoStruxure architecture of Schneider Electric for the data center provides a wide range of service options and flexible combinations for each stage of the data center life cycle to relieve the worries of business development.
Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric has launched a new generation of EcoStruxureTM, which provides an open and interoperable system architecture for the building, infrastructure, industrial and data center markets, and promotes everything from interconnected products to edge control to applications, analysis and services. Comprehensive innovation at all levels. Among them, EcoStruxureTM grid (ie EcoStruxureTMGrid) is an open and secure architecture specifically for power distribution. It collects and manages rich data, and achieves higher-level asset management, grid operation and grid flexibility, responding to the new world of energy "3D+ The development trend of "E" helps the power distribution sector to create more efficient operations, optimize asset management, and accelerate digital transformation.
The Schneider Electric Green Energy Efficiency Global Innovation Case Challenge was launched globally in 2011 and has been successfully held for eight times as of 2019. It is an important event for business and engineering students from all over the world. It aims to spread the concept of technological innovation and sustainable development. At the same time, attract more young people to inspire creativity in energy efficiency management with new inspiration.
The "Go Green in the City" Schneider Electric Green Energy Efficiency Global Innovation Case Challenge is set up in Europe, South America, the Indian subcontinent, Russia/CIS, China, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia-Pacific regions, with each region All the champions will be invited to participate in the finals. The final team will have the opportunity to visit the Schneider Electric headquarters, gain insight into the group's technical fields and communicate with Schneider Electric employees.
Schneider Electric’s aggressive merger and acquisition strategy has incorporated more than 100 brands into its territory. Although some of these brands have disappeared, their products, services and solutions form the basis of Schneider Electric's energy management solutions. Explore the stories behind these old brands and how they can help you make the most of their effects.
Merlin Gerin
Square D
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Home safety
Home automation
Switch and socket
Surge protection
Modular low-voltage terminal power distribution products
Integrated wiring
Energy efficient building business
Inverter and soft starter
Power management
Power quality governance
Valves and actuators
Building Control Management System
Access control system
Integrated wiring
Low-voltage power distribution products and equipment
Button, switch, indicator light, button box and master command
Motor start
Power management
Power quality governance
Circuit breakers and switches
Contactors and protection relays
Surge protection
Modular low-voltage terminal power distribution products
Switchboard cabinet and switchboard software
Medium voltage power distribution and energy automation
Substation Automation System
Power management
Outdoor switchgear
 Relay protection-by series Relay protection-by application
 Switch assembly
 Feeder automation
 Distribution network automation and SCADA software
Medium voltage/low voltage prefabricated substation
Medium voltage transformer
Medium voltage switch equipment
Critical power and cooling
IT power distribution
IT service
IT cabinet system
 Safety and environmental monitoring
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) surge protection
Data Center Software
Pre-built data center module
Refrigeration solution
Industrial automation
Button, switch, indicator light, button box and master command
Button box, pre-wiring system, interface frequency converter and soft starter
Measurement and instrumentation
Touch screen and industrial computer
Sensor and
RFID system
Electromagnetic and electronic relays
Motor start
Power supply and transformer
Circuit breakers and switches
Industrial Communication Network
Process control and safety
Contactors and protection relays
Programmable Logic Controller
Software-Industrial Automation
Signal lamppost
Telemetry equipment and remote SCADA system
Motion control and robotics
Schneider Electric's solutions include:
1. Power Energy Solutions
2. Water treatment solutions
3. Maritime solutions
4. Oil and gas solutions
5. Mining and metallurgical solutions
6. Data Center Solutions
7. Medical solutions
8. Hotel Solutions
9. Office building solutions
10. Retail Industry Solutions
11. Airport solutions
12. Machine solutions-original equipment manufacturers
13. Machine Control Solutions
14. PlantStruxure collaborative automation control system
1. Renewable Energy
2. Infrastructure and energy
3. Industrial Automation
4. Smart living space
5. Building Management System
6. Power distribution products and equipment
1. Dual power switch,
2. Pneumatic components
3. Inverter
4. Soft starter
5. Circuit breaker
6. Relay
7. Contactor
8. Voltage regulator
9. Instrumentation
10. Second-class electromechanical and high and medium voltage components such as building electrical appliances
11. Dual power switch
12. Computer Guardian
13. Lightning arrester for charger
14. Insulator
15. Master electrical appliances
16. Photoelectric switch
17. Proximity switch
18. Electromagnetic device
19. Brake
20. Isolating switch
21. Power
22. Voltage Regulator
23. Reverse switch
24. Load switch
25. Drop-out fuse
26. Controller
27. Launcher
28. Capacitor
29. Compensator
30. Explosion-proof electrical appliances
31. Thermocouple
32. Thermostat
33. Resistors
34. Terminals
35. Transformer
36. A series of electrical appliances such as Schneider transformer.
1. Optoelectronics
2. Residual current protection
3. Packaging
4. Raw material handling
5. Outdoor
6. Outdoor equipment
7. Detector
8. Access Control
9. Wireless
10. HVAC system control
11. Machine safety and availability
12. Building Security
13. Building Automation
14. Pump
15. Lighting control and security
16. Lighting control equipment
17. Power Protection and Control
18. Power monitoring and control
19. Power compensation and filtering
20. Motor and motion control
21. Cable Management System
22. Cable system
23. Network and Connection
24. Energy Measurement
25. Energy Monitoring
26. Automation Security
27. Automatic power conversion
28. Voice data image
29. Lifting
30. Process safety and availability
31. General Machine Control
32. Wind Power
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