Industry Spare parts

Voltage regulating unit assembly DN100 CH1858C-00

Exit tee DN300 x DN125 CP33079D-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN250 P30675D-00
Poppet valve B50580-010A
Solenoid valve seat CA1002
Air supply unit assembly DN125 CH3548C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN225 5D CH3620C-07-04
Air supplement DN250 CP33099D-00
Gasket P5465E-00
Support ring CP29618D-00
O-type shaft sealing ring M2085
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN200 10D CH3621C-06-01
Dome DN300 CP2401A-00
Line filter strainer 1 1/2"B0031
Large MD pump fluidized air supply pipeline assembly (excluding check valve) CH1818D-00
Soot blower outer pipe PS-SL N1/0701B/1
Y insert bushing M3017
Rod type right angle tee φ8 A1771
Solenoid valve A4056 A4044 A4003 A4005 A3374
Straight rod connector 1/4"-φ8 CA0008
Fluidizing tube DN200 CP34636D-00
Orifice tube 8*2.0 CP5895E-05
Insert seal RED P17459C-00
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN100 CH1858C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN175 10D CH3621C-05-04
Gasket DN200 1.5mm P5462E-00
Sector cylinder (electronically controlled) A3555
Collar CP29621D-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN200 CH0322D-00/P30667D-00
Outlet air supply pipeline assembly 2” CH1490C-00
Adjustment washer DN150 P9277E-02
Exit tee DN400 x DN175 CH2126D-00
Switching valve cylinder DN200 A2770
Solenoid valve 430 05429
A1011 for air limit switches larger than DN100 dome valves
Cylinder lower bracket CP21583B-00
Top connector DN100 CP29755B-00
Dome valve fittings DN50
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN200, 6mm CH3620C-06-06
Cylinder bracket CP4964B-00
Support ring DN250 CP29618D-00
Pressure regulating valve DN50 CA2004
Exit tee DN300 x DN100 CH0876D-00
Gasket P5474E-00
Cylinder quick exhaust valve core 1/4 A1084
Valve body DN200 CP26999B-01
Nylon tube φ12 CA2002
Air supplement DN175 CH2197D-00
Top plate DN400 P14917A-00
Check valve 3 inches A3533
Tee connector φ8 CA0005
Check valve flange seal 1" CH0023E-00
Water-cooled valve body DN200 CP31215B-00
O-ring DN50 M5202
Gasket P2120A-14
Shaft seat CP18603E-00
Orifice tube 8*1.0 CP5895E-01
DN150 P4665B-00/P17459-00 dome valve seal
Electronically controlled cylinder dome valve DN100 CH0346D-00
Rotary cylinder repair kit DN80 A4921
Export tee DV200-DN200 CH2635E-00
Check valve DN50 A3470
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN175 5D CH3620C-05-02
O-ring DN150 M5205
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN225 5D CH3620C-07-01
Limit switch DN50&DN80 A2033
External thread straight 3/4"-φ16 A2694
Pressure switch A3902
Drive shaft (right) DN300 PH3 P32953D-00
Air supplement DN225 CH2142D-00
Pressure switch Norgren A3985
Spacer ring CP19182D-00
Heat-resistant hose 1/2" CH101-7-385
Support CP29610D-00
High temperature O-ring DN300 M1204
Outlet tee (connector type) DN400xDN125 CH1336D-00
Insert seal P1586C-01
O-ring DN50 M5202
cylinder CMP22458E-00
High temperature dome valve fittings DN200 CH-DVH200-GJ
Connector¢12mm side rod tee A1995
Air supply unit assembly DN100 CH1885C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN100 10D CH3621C-02-04
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN175 5D CH3620C-05-03
Export tee DV100-DN100 CH0446D-00
Drive shaft CP2479C-00
Material level proximity switch A1011
Top plate DN150 CP31930D-00
Cylinder bracket DN150 CP4964B-00
Sector cylinder repair kit DN250/300 A2028
Insulated dome valve O-ring seal DN200 M5206
Exit tee DN300 x DN125 CH1898D-00
Pressure regulating valve DN80 CA2006
Soot blower air valve V04 N1/47424B
Sleeve compensator DN250 CP30748D-00
Water-cooled dome CP2133B-00
PD pump outlet elbow DN330x150 CP1607B-BS4504/10
External hose connector R1-1/2”-φ40 CA2029
Collar DN250 CP29619D-00
Support bushing DN400 P15019E-00

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