Industry Spare parts

Insert sealing ring DN250 P2936A-01

Export tee DV100-DN80 CH1071C-00
Extension section 8.0E CH1588B-00
Solenoid valve A4054
Drive shaft CP1016D-00
Rotary cylinder (double acting) A4716 DN250/300 S92-160 A4716
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN150 5D CH3620C-04-04
Air control valve 1" A2888
Sector cylinder A2013
Electronically controlled cylinder dome valve DN200 CH0328D-00/P37990D-00
Orifice tube 8* CP5895E-00
Pressure relief valve 508
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN80 5D CH3620C-01-02
Gasket (disabled) DN300 P2120-04
Sector cylinder DN80 070-100 DN80 A1990
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN250 5D CH3620C-08-03
O-type shaft sealing ring DN400 M3117
Switching valve seal DN200 (silicon)P1587C-17
High temperature insert seal DN100 P17458C-01
Air control valve repair kit 1"A2888W
Air controlled angle valve A2891 DN65
Shaft sleeve 1 φ40xφ32x30 DN300 M3039
Top connector DN225 CH2252B-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN150 CH0303D-00/P30280D-00
External hose connector R1/2”-φ10 CA0017
Connector¢12mm Rod Right Angle Elbow A2001
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN150 10D CH3621C-04-02
Support ring CP29614D-00
Sector cylinder (electrically controlled) DN125 DN150 DN200 A3555
Concentration Stabilizer 1/2” CP19034D-00
Support ring CP29620D-00
Air control valve E2904392 DN25
Pressure gauge A1008 40℃
Air controlled angle valve 2 and a half inches A2891
Air control valve repair kit 1-1/4"A3936W
Air control valve E290A40 DN40
Cylinder¢100X250 DN150-DN200 P22457E-00
Switching valve seal DN100 (PHO)P1587C-03
Grease nipple 1/8" M3287
Insert seal RED DN150 P17459C-00
Dome CP1158B-00
Tube pass filter 1/2 inch A1396
Exit tee DN400 x DN125 CH1896D-00
Check Valve 1/4" A1979
Limit switch mounting plate DN100,150 CP17577E-00
High voltage top plate DN300 CP31976D-00
Air Control Valve 2" A2890
Air supply unit assembly DN225 CH3552C-00
Pipe filter DN15-1/2" A1386
Top switching valve sealing ring DN125 P1587C-04
Gasket DN400 P20557E-00
Solenoid valve 8020750
Dome DY1150 DN150 CP4677B-00
Exit tee DN400 x DN125 CH0874D-00
Solenoid valve A20422,00131424
Sector cylinder repair kit DN150 DN200 A1390
Insert sealing ring DN250 P2936A-01
Pressure transmitter PR-21Sr/10/81520-2
Insert sealing ring DN100 P1586C-01
Nylon tube φ8 CA2001
Outlet dome valve P30332D-00 P35103D-00 P30662D-00
Cylinder¢160X250 DN300 P22458E-00
Top switching valve tee DN150 CH1514D-00
Rotary cylinder (double acting) A4711 DN50 S92-063 A4711
Connector ¢8mm universal rod connector CA0003
Outlet tee (connector type) DN500xDN225 CH2219D-00
Pump seal 419*9 CH201-8-25
Exit tee DN300 x DN150 CH1897D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN125 5D CH3620C-03-04
Solenoid valve seat CA1004
Switching valve sealing ring DN250 (silicon) P24122C-00
Air supply unit assembly DN80 CH1884C-00
Seal assembly DN50 M4222
Rod type right angle pipe joint φ12 A2001
345 electric field air intake one-way butterfly valve DN50 PN1.6
Adjustment washer DN300 P9277E-05
Dome CP18639C-00
Bearing P15024C-00 DN400 P15024C-00
Seal assembly DN200 M3231
Exit tee DN400 x DN150 CH0664D-00
Gasket DN100 0.8mm P5465E-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN225 10D CH3621C-07-02
Fluidization check valve 2 inches A3382
Switching valve seal DN200 (PHO)P1587C-07
Vaporization support plate 580TD CP30900D-00
Sector cylinder repair kit A1390
Gasket DN100 1.5mm P5460E-00
Sector cylinder 090-100 DN100 A1096
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN250 CH1862C-00
Exhaust dome valve O-ring seal DN50 M5202
Switching valve seal DN150(PHO)P1587C-05
Shaft seat DN400 P15025D-00
220VDC coil CA1005
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN125,6mm CH3620C-03-06
Dome valve fittings DN150 DN150 CH-DV150-GJ
Top plate DN200 CP29669D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN200 10D CH3621C-06-02
O-shaped shaft sealing ring φ40 DN150 M2085
Dome valve DN80 P38570D-00
Check valve 3"A3533
Single insulated dome valve DN200 CH2776D-00

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