Industry Spare parts

Export tee DV150-DN125 CH0615D-00

Support ring DN100 CP29767D-00
Solenoid valve coil CA1005
Export tee DV150-DN125 CH0615D-00
Water-cooled shaft assembly DN200 P2696C-02
Solenoid valve seat A2079 A2080
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN150 CH0305D-00/P30663D-00
Switching valve cylinder DN125 A1034
Solenoid valve seat CA1033
Top connector CP32418D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN125 10D CH3621C-03-03
Oil cup 1/8′′ M3287
Insert seal P5524C-01
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN175 CH2259C-00
Gasket (disabled) DN250 P2120A-14
Shaft sleeve 1M3039
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN100 P38571D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN150 10D CH3621C-04-03
Coupling CP4965C-00
Air supply unit assembly DN125 CH1880C-00
Gasket P5473E-00
DN50 P19080C-00 100*59*20 dome valve sealing ring
Insert seal P19080C-00
Pipe switching valve tee DN200
Top joint (including reverse flange and connector) DN300CP29759B-00
Coupling DN80 CP18637D-00
Drive shaft DN150 CP4675D-00
Sector cylinder repair kit DN100 A2201
Seal assembly M3231
Fluidization tube DN200 SC039-C0209-10-02
External hose connector R1”-φ25 CA2022
Export tee DV250-DN250 CH2782D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN80 10D CH3621C-01-02
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN250 5D CH3620C-08-01
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN200 CH70660C-00
Solenoid valve CA1052
Card sleeve φ12 A1572
Switching valve seal DN175(PHO)P21464C-06
Switching valve sealing ring DN125 (silicon) P1587C-15
Sector cylinder 070-100 DN80 A1990
Top plate CP29671D-00
Connector¢12mm ferrule A1572
Solenoid valve seat CA1002 CA1004
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN200 CH1874C-00
Pneumatic ball valve CH0300D-00 DN300 1.6MPa
Adjustment shim P9277E-04
Switching valve dome CP4677B-00-16
Gasket P5466E-00
Dome valve DN50 P38569D-00
Quick exhaust valve DN150 3/8′′ A1790
Check valve spool 3 inches A3533
External frame oil seal DN200 M3415
Adjustment shim P9277E-02
Spring cylindrical pinΦ16x100 DN250 GB879-86
Drive shaft DN300 CP2479C-00
Cylinder repair kit A2376
Dome CP1165C-00
Wear-resistant deflector DN80/DN100 P2183A-00
Pipe dome valve O-ring seal DN150 M5205
Dome valve PH3 DN300 P32948D-00
Dome DN200 CP1158B-00
Pilot operated pressure regulating valve G2" A1719
Bottom connector DN250 CP4356B-00
Two-position five-way solenoid valve 4V210-08 AC220V
Dome valve DN100 CH0342D-00/P30659D-00
Switching valve cylinder DN300 A2580
Exit tee DN500 x DN125 CH3817D-00
Spring cylindrical pinφ10x60 DN100 GB879-86
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN300 CH70690C-00
Gasket DN50 1.5mm P2120A-54A
Dome DN100 CP1165C-00
Coupling DN80 CP18637D-00
Solenoid valve A4044
concentration stabilizer
Top connector DN250 CP29758B-00
Pump sealing ring 428*Φ8
Air control valve repair kit 1-1/2"A2889W
Bottom connector DN150 CP4354B-00
Outlet tee (connector type) DN500xDN175 CH2218D-00
Spring cylindrical pin M3324
Shaft seat DN100 CP19630E-00
Dome valve (import) DN200 CH0301D-00/P30668D-00
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN225 CH70670C-00
O-ring DN100 M5204
Top plate connector CP29755B-00
Connector¢8mm ferrule A1573
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN125 CH1872C-00
O-ring seal M5204
Seal assembly M3229
Coupling CP18586D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN100 10D CH3621C-02-01
24VDC coil CA1005
Solenoid valve body CA1001
Air supply unit assembly DN150 CH1881C-00
Air supply unit assembly DN175 CH1882C-00
Flexible joint expansion sleeve DN300 P27143D-03
O-type shaft sealing ring DN80 M5203
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN175,6mm CH3620C-05-06
Bottom connector CP4354B-00
Double insulation dome valve DN200 CH3564D-00
Dome valve (without seal) DN125 CH0559D-00

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