Industry Spare parts

Sleeve compensator DN150 CP30641D-00

Sleeve compensator DN150 CP30641D-00
O-ring seal M5206
Top plate DN80 CP29665D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN200 5D CH3620C-06-01
Vaporized membrane DN700, 40° P21823B-00
Exit tee DV200-DN125 CP34273C-00
Drive shaft DN200 CP1016D-00
Rubber soft connection P27143D-02 DN200
V-shaped dust ring Φ40 DN50,80; M333
Water cooling top plate DN100 CP31219B-00
Dome DN50 CP18607C-00
Dome valve fittings DN200 CH-DV200-GJ
Adjustment shim P9277E-01
Insulated dome valve insert seal ring DN200 B0016
Dome valve DN200 CH0560D-00
Mechanical slide valve A1011
Gasket (out of service) DN200 0,4mm P5472E-00
Check valve spool 3"A3533X
Solenoid valve SXE9574-Z71-81
Flexible joint DN200 CP20294C-00
Shaft seat CP1915D-00
Pressure regulating valve DN100 CA2007
Right angle pipe joint φ8 A1939
Special top plate DN80 CP31151D-01
Spacer ring CP2728C-00
Bottom connector CP4353B-00
Pair of wire 1/2"*3/4" CH102-6-1953
Dome valve PH1 DN200 CH0327D-00/P35944D-00
Shaft seat DN200 CP19642E-00
Gasket (disabled) DN150 0.4mm P5471E-00
Air control valve 2"P4348B-BS4504/10
Outlet tee (connector type) DN300xDN100 CH1288D-00
Seal assembly DN150 M3229
Pipe filter 1 inch A1036
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN80 10D CH3621C-01-01
Water-cooled valve body CP31215B-00
Connector¢12 inchX¢8mm Reducing connector A1996
Right angle inner wire elbow Φ8 CH102-6-1744
Switching valve cylinder DN175 A1089
Sector cylinder A1096
Switching valve seal DN300 (silicon)P24121D-00
Sector cylinder 100-120 DN150-DN200 A1142
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN150 5D CH3620C-04-01
Gasket P2120A-55A
Orifice plate DN100 CP17563B-18
Check valve 1/2 inch A2958
O-ring (water-cooled) DN200 M1172
Pressure regulating valve CAZ004
Check valve 1"A2969
Soot blower body lifting valve N1/36104
Top connector DN200 P29757B-00
Y insert bushing DN400 P15022E-00
Air intake unit assembly DN225 CH2256C-00
Quick exhaust valve diaphragm 3/8-1/4 A1790a
Coupling CP22060D-01
Water cooling top plate DN150 CP33294B-01
High-pressure nozzle K22982 for internal leakage of high-pressure water pump outlet
Ash storage switching valve DN150 CH2502D-00
Straight rod connector 1/2"-φ12 CA0006
Pipeline filter screen 1"B0030
Electronically controlled cylinder dome valve DN150 CH0338D-00/P33293B-00
V-shaped dust ring M3335
Insert seal RED DN200 P17460C-01
O-type shaft sealing ring M1242
MD pump gasification accessories liner CP33206D-00+A4204
Air intake unit assembly DN125 DN150 CH1854C-00
Top plate CP29665D-00
Drive shaft CP1910C-00
Pipe filter 5 inches A2288
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN250 5D CH3620C-08-02
Connector¢8mm right angle elbow A1770
Spring cylindrical pinφ7x35 DN50&DN80 GB/T879.1-2000(M3324)
Pressure regulating valve DN40 CA2003
Spring cylindrical pin φ14x90 DN200 GB879-86
Throttle 1/2*6.0mm P20806E-00
Exit tee DN500 x DN200 CH1892D-00
O-ring DN300 M5208
Bottom connector DN200 P4355B-00
Vaporized membrane DN1400, 36.5° CH2428B-00
Pair of wire 1/4" CH102-6-1859
Gasket P5472E-00
Vaporized membrane CH2336C-00
Solenoid valve body A4007
Flexible joint DN200 CH3570D-00
Solenoid pilot valve CA1025
Fluidization check valve spool 3 inches A3533
Solenoid valve body A4003
Top connector CH1019C-00
Top connector DN150 CP29756B-00
Check valve rubber gasket 2" CH0082E-00
Collar CP29611D-00
Reversing solenoid valve (with valve body) JOUCOMATIO 54191027
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN100 5D CH3620C-02-03
Solenoid valve A4009
Exit tee DN500 x DN150 CH1415D-00
External hose connector R3/8”-Φ10 A3489
Check valve rubber gasket 1" CH0022E-00
Dome valve PH1 DN150 CH0333D-00/P34186D-00
Support ring DN50 CP29610D-00
Dome valve PH3 DN200 CH0331D-00/P31216D-00
Outlet tee (connector type) DN500xDN250 CH1738D-00
Fluidization tube DN225 CH2277D-00
Pipe filter DN50 2" A1025
Orifice plate DN25 CP17563B-13
Flexible joint DN200 P20294C-00
VARI sealing ring M1171
Outlet tee (connector type) DN300xDN125 CH1380D-00
Coupling CP17331C-00
Dome CP2401A-00
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN150 CH1873C-00
High temperature insert seal DN150 P17459C-01
Spacer ring DN125,150 CP5406D-00
Combined bearing P8012D-00
Orifice tube 8*0.7 CP5895E-04
Sleeve compensator DN200 CP28613D-00
Spring cylindrical pin GB879-86
Drive side shaft P1901C-00
Adjustment shim P9277E-05
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN225 10D CH3621C-07-04
Air control box 600x400x250 CH0138-00
Check valve spool 1/2 inch A2958
Dome valve DN80 CH0551D-00/P30332D-00
Metal corrugated compensator economizer outlet MHF80-7-1900-60/270-H
Gasket DN150 0.8mm P5466E-00
Pressure switch C0880334 0.5~8bar
Rubber flexible joint P27143D-02 DN200
Coupling DN250 CP17331C-00
Adjustment washer DN250 P9277E-04
Solenoid valve seat A2079
Bypass gas supply component economizer ash combined transportation CH1596C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN100 5D CH3620C-02-02
Inlet dome valve insert seal DN200 P5524C-01
Drive shaft DN250 CP1910C-00
Seal assembly DN250 M3670
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN100 10D CH3621C-02-02
Gasket DN300 1.5mm P5464E-00
Water cooling top plate CP31219B-00
Solenoid valve A4200
V-shaped dust ring DN400 M3119
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN80 CH1870C-00
Connection flange CH0482D-00
Insert sealing ring DN400 P20665C-00
Variable diameter pair wire 1/2"*3/8" CH102-6-1950
AV pump special pneumatic valve P16583B-BS450/PN10
Insert sealing ring DN50 P19080C-00
Pneumatic two-piece AC4010-04
Fluidizing tube DN100 CH0930D-00
Valve body CP26995A-00
Shaft seat CP2484D-00
Straight stroke cylinder DN300 φ160x250 DN300 (including U-shaped piston joint) P22458E-00 (including P17188D-00)
High temperature dome DN300 P32952C-00
External hose connector R3/8”-φ10 B0282
Check valve K22982
Air supplement DN200 CH1905D-00
Solenoid valve SXE9573-Z71-81
Air limit switch A1011
Outlet dome valve P30332D-00 P35103D-00 P30662D-00
Spacer ring DN50&DN80 CP19182D-00
Air supplement DN200 CH1739D-00
Copper nutΦ8 A1773
Pneumatic valve P16583B-BS450/PN10
Metal corrugated compensator economizer outlet MHF150-7-1900-60/270-H
Air control box 600x600x250 CH0144-00
Solenoid valve body CA1036
Solenoid valve CA1041
200 imported dome valve embedded seal P5524C-01
Combined bearing DN150 P8010D-00
Vacuum release valve SF508
Shaft sleeve 2 φ27xφ22x18 DN300 P1914E-00
Dome CP18607C-00
U-shaped piston joint DN300 P17188D-00
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN150 CH2077C-00
O-shaped shaft sealing ring φ50 DN200 M1162
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN150 CH70640C-00
Solenoid valve CA1043
Check valve flange seal 2" CH0083E-00
V-shaped dust ring M1346
Pressure switch 100104710 400RB-A0 0.14~1.4bar SIRCO
Quick exhaust valve seal DN150 A1790
Solenoid pilot valve CA1025
Dome valve PH1 DN200 CH0324D-00/P34195D-00
Orifice tube 12*1.25 CP19641E-03
High pressure dome valve DN300 CH2156D-00
Cylinder quick exhaust valve core 3/8 A1790
Pipe pass filter 2-1/2 inches A1033
Pipe switching valve tee DN150 CP26361B-00
Water-cooled drive shaft (including shaft seat) DN200 CP29696B-01
Cylinder repair kit DN400 C1978/01/1-WX
Pipe switching valve DN125 CH0086D-01
Support ring DN200 CP29616D-00
Check valve spool 2 inches A3382
Dome valve DN250 P38575D-00
Material throttling plate DV200 CH2088D-00
Dome valve PH1 (without cylinder) DN150 CH0338D-00/P33293B-00
Air control filter box assembly A1493 1/2
VARI sealing ring φ60 DN250 M1342
Sector cylinder (electrically controlled) DN125/150/200 A3555
Pipe pass filter 2 inches A1025
Exit tee DN500 x DN200 CH0677D-00
Gasket DN250 0.8mm P5468E-00

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