Industry Spare parts

Adjustment washer DN100 P9277E-01

One-way valve DN125 B0232
Solenoid valve seat A2082
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN225 10D CH3621C-07-01
Exit tee DN300 x DN80 CH1560D-00
Dome valve DN200 P38574D-00
Check valve flange seal 3" CH0881E-00
Exit tee DN300 x DN150 CH1405D-00
Shaft seat DN300 CP2484D-00
VARI sealing ringφ70 DN300 M1299
Valve body DN100 CP26048B-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN225 5D CH3620C-07-03
Collar DN200 CP29617D-00
Switching valve seal DN80 (PHO)P1587C-02
Straight stroke cylinder bracket DN200 P21583/P21584
Orifice tube 12*1.5 CP19641E-04
Solenoid valve seat CA1040
Air supply unit assembly DN225 CH1883C-00
Gasification accessories lining plate 80~120MD CH1283D-00
VARI sealing ringφ40 DN150 M1365
Switching valve cylinder DN80 A1017
Collar CP29619D-00
Gasket P2120A-54C
200 imported dome valve core CP1158B-00
Switching valve seal DN250 (PHO)P5341C-01
Tee connector 1/4NPT-M10x1-Φ8 CA0011
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN100, 4.5mm CH3620C-02-05
Dome valve PH2 DN200 CH0329D-00/P30476D-00
Small MD pump main air inlet section assembly 2" joint control type CH1842D-00
Combined bearing P8013D-00
Adjustment washer DN100 P9277E-01
Connector 1/4 inch X ¢8mm rod type straight connector CA0008
Water-cooled O-ring seal M1301
Drive shaft DN100 CP1171E-00
Flexible joint hose clamp 200MM P20306E-02
Air controlled angle valve A2889
External hose connector R3/4”-φ20 B0225
Online dome valve P30667D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN100 5D CH3620C-02-01
Copper nutΦ12 A1985
Sleeve compensator DN175 CH2144D-00
Rotary cylinder (double acting) A4715 DN125/150/200 S92-127 A4715
Special top plate CP31151D-01
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN80, 4mm CH3620C-01-05
48VDC coil CA1005
Pressure switch A3985
Spacer ring DN300 CP3721C-00
Poppet valve DS-LL
Support ring DN300 CP29620D-00
Combined bearing P8011D-00
High temperature dome DN200 CP2133B-00
Sector cylinder 050-100 DN50 A2013
Solenoid valve body CA1003
Solenoid valve body A4007
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN150 10D CH3621C-04-04
Pipe Pass Filter DN150 6" A2288
Gasket P5469E-00
Seal assembly DN300 M3233
Soot blower lift valve and components O0000373
Orifice tube 12*2.5 CP19641E-08
Solenoid pilot valve CA1025
Check valve spool 1-1/2"A3279X
Air control valve 3/4" A1068
Check valve spool 1 and a half inches A2969
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN175 5D CH3620C-05-04
Guide pin assembly V04 00000360
Solenoid valve coil
Quick exhaust valve DN250 1/2′′ PD, TD pump A1067
Support ring DN80 CP29612D-00
Bottom connector CP4355B-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN175 5D CH3620C-05-01
Wear-resistant deflector DN225/DN250DN300 P5919A-00
Sealing ring DN400 0.8mm P20557E-02
Air controlled angle valve 3/4” A1068
Line filter screen 2" B0032
Solenoid valve SDPC2637250
Gasket DN50 0.8mm P2120A-54B
Drive shaft DN50&DN80 CP18584E-00
Sector cylinder repair kit A2213
Seal assembly DN400 M3669
SEX9574-Z71 solenoid valve
Straight cylinder dust ring DN200 CH-DN200FC
Combined bearing P3884E-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN150 5D CH3620C-04-03
Switching valve seal DN80 (silicon)P1587C-16
Gasket P5464E-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN225 5D CH3620C-07-02
Connection flange CH0634D-00
Solenoid valve A4007 B2K DN8
Extension section 10.0E CP0937B-00
Shaft seat CP18630E-00
Shaft seat DN50&DN80 CP18603E-00
Air controlled angle valve A2888 DN25
Gasket (disabled) DN100 0.4mm P5470E-00
Top connector DN125 CH1019C-00
Pneumatic coupler (pneumatic components) AC4010-04
Air supplement DN125 CH1337D-00
Outlet tee (connector type) DN400xDN150 CH1737D-00
Dome valve fittings DN300 CH-DV300-GJ
Concentration stabilizer main pipe air inlet assembly CH1607C-00
Top plate CP29668D-00

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