Industry Spare parts

Sleeve compensator CP30742D-00 DN100

Pressure regulating valve DN32 CA2002
Seal assembly DN100 M3227
Spacer ring DN100 CP2728C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN200 5D CH3620C-06-04
Air supply unit assembly DN250 CH3553C-00
Exit tee DN400 x DN200 CP33080D-00
Air supplement DN125 CH1681D-00
Switching valve seal DN125(PHO)P1587C-04
O-type shaft sealing ring M5203
Extension section 6.0E CP30867B-00
O-ring seal M5202
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN80 5D CH3620C-01-01
Collar CP29613D-00
Orifice plate DN65 CP17563B-16
VARI sealing ring M1365
Export tee DV300-DN200 CH2369C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN200 5D CH3620C-06-03
Orifice plate DN40 CP17563B-14
Combined bearing DN300 P8013D-00
Solenoid valve body CA1059
Rotary cylinder repair kit DN100 A4923
Spring cylindrical pin M3271
Check valve (wire port) A3382 DN65 PN1.6
Pipe Pass Filter DN125 5" A2168
Y insert bushing φ25xφ20x20 DN200 M3017
Export tee DN500 x DN225 CH2123D-00
Pressure switch A4505(-0880300)
O-shaped shaft sealing ring φ30 DN100 M1242
Check valve DN40 B0315
Filter pressure reducing valve SMC AF30-02D
Throttle P21194E-00-11
VARI sealing ringφ50 DN200 M1171
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN80 CH70610C-00
Connector 1/8 inch X ¢8mm straight connector A2005
Solenoid valve A4007(L3K) AC220V
Heat-resistant hose 1"/ CH101-7-387
Throttle P18348E-00-16
Insert sealing ring DN200 P5524C-01
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN250 10D CH3621C-08-04
Dome valve DN100 P38571D-00
Shaft seat CP46780E-00
Air controlled angle valve 1 and a half inches A2889
Spacer ring CP3721C-00
Sleeve compensator CP30742D-00 DN100
Water cooling top plate CP30474B-01
Air supplement DN225 CH2221D-00
O-ring DN400 P22963E-00
Outlet tee (connector type) DN400xDN200 CH1063D-00
Solenoid valve 8404 45W 230VAC
Solenoid valve A4056
Dome valve (without seal) DN100 CH0558D-00
Air supply unit assembly DN100 CH3547C-00
Dome valve DN125 CH0087D-00/P35103D-00
Check valve rubber gasket 3" CH0880E-00
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN100 CH70620C-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN300 CH0300D-00/P30684D-00
Sector cylinder DN150/200 100-120 DN150/200 A1142
Line filter strainer 3" B0034
Exit tee DN300 x DN100 CH1899D-00
Connector 3/8 inch
Spacer ring CP4963B-01
Solenoid valve seat CA1041
Check valve rubber gasket 1-1/2" CH0074E-00
Seal retaining ring DN400 P18200B-00
Gasket (disabled) DN80 P2120A-55C
Drive shaft CP18584E-00
Fluidizing tube DN250 CH1304D-00
Circuit board (electronically controlled cylinder) SP583
Sector cylinder A1096
Pipe Pass Filter DN100 4" A1188
Gasket DN150 1.5mm P5461E-00
Vaporized membrane DN1100, 36.5° CH2292B-00
Distribution section assembly 1" 1-1/2" CP23061E-00
Gasification accessories lining plate 20, 30MD CH1281D-00
Throttle 1/8*1.8mm CP19583E-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN125 5D CH3620C-03-03
DN300 water-cooled shaft assembly DN300 CH-DN300-SL
Solenoid valve A4200
V-shaped dust ring φ67 DN150 M1346
Fluidizing tube DN175 CH2143D-00
Extension section CH1843B-00
Quick exhaust valve 1/2" A1067
Valve drive device (cylinder) C1978/01/1
Water-cooled O-ring seal DN300 M1301
Vaporization support plate 370TD CP31806E-00
Insert seal RED P17461C-01
Valve body DN150 CP4672A-00
Thermal insulation roof DN200 CH3565B-00
Dome valve DN150 CH0305D-00/P30663D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN175, 4.5mm CH3620C-05-05
Sealing gasket DN200 P2120A-02
Dome valve DN200 CH0301D-00/P30668D-00
Sector cylinder DN250/300 140-100 DN250/300 A1537
High temperature insert seal DN300 P17461C-01
Pressure switch A3985, A3773
Orifice plate DN80 CP17563B-17
Orifice tube 8*3.0 CP5895E-09
Dome valve PH3 (without cylinder) DN200 CH0331D-00/P31216D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN150,4mm CH3620C-04-05
Pressure regulating valve DN40 CA2003

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