Industry Spare parts

Insulated dome valve DN200 CH2776D-00

Top switching valve tee (one into two) DN150 CH0659D-02
DN250 P2936A-01/P17813C-01 dome valve sealing ring
External thread connector 1/8"-φ8 A2005
Collar DN150 CP29615D-00
Exit tee DN500 x DN175 CH2122D-00
Pressure switch A4202 (0880200)
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN80 10D CH3621C-01-04
Insert seal P19081C-00
Sector cylinder repair kit DN50 A2195
Pneumatic ash conveying vulcanized air duct 1/2
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN150 10D CH3621C-04-01
MD pump gasification accessories and lining plate A4202
Throttle P21194E-00-11
Connector 1/2 inch X ¢12mm straight connector A1986
Dome valve PH1 (without cylinder) DN100 CH0344D-00P31217D-00
Inner and outer wire elbow 1/2" CH102-6-1902
Solenoid valve A2071 (0820 025 904)
Outlet tee (connector type) DN400xDN100 CH1316D-00
Insulated dome valve DN200 CH2776D-00
Male threaded straight connector 1/2"-φ8 A1926
Check valve flange seal 1/2" CH0018E-00
Seal assembly M4222
Gasket P2120A-55C
Check valve spool 1"A2969X
DN100 butterfly check valve A3383
O-type shaft sealing ring M3270
Dome valve DN50 (without cylinder) CH0554D-00/P30330D-00
Straight stroke cylinder sealing ring DN300 CH-DV300-MF
Casting coupling DN200 CP21761C-00
Dome valve PH1 DN300 CH0316D-00
V-shaped dust ring M1151
V-shaped dust ring φ50 DN100 M1006
Insert seal P1826C-01
Top plate CP29664D-00
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN250 CH1875C-00
Dome valve DN175 CH2245D-00
Pipeline filter mesh 1/2"B0029
External hose connector R2”-φ50 M3009
Dome valve DN125 P38572D-00
Sealing ring DN400 0.4mm P20557E-01
Valve body DN300 CP26995A-00
Orifice tube 12*1.75 CP19641E-05
DN100 P1586C-01/P17458-00 dome valve sealing ring
Dome valve DN100 CP1165C-00
Collar DN100 CP29768D-00
Solenoid valve 54191023
Fluidization Check Valve 1/4” A1979
Variable diameter pair wire 1/4*3/8 CH1678
Water-cooled drive shaft CP29696B-01
Check valve 1/2"A2958
Cylinder P22458E-00
Extension section 12.0E CH1590B-00
Insert seal P2936A-01
O-ring DN250 M5207
Drive shaft CP4675D-00
DN175 dome valve CH2245D-00
External thread straight 1/2"-φ16 A1997
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN80 CH1857C-00
Air Control Valve 1-1/2" A2889
Solenoid valve body CA1035
Straight stroke cylinder DN400 C1978/01/1
Economizer dome valve limit switch A1011
Orifice tube 12*1.0 CP19641E-02
Switching valve cylinder DN150 A1106
Bottom connector DN125 CP16831B-00
Dome valve (no cylinder, no seal) DN200 CH0560D-00
Gasket P5463E-00
Dome CMP1165C-00
Gasket DN80 P2120A-55A
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN100 CH1871C-00
Pressure switch PS1101
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN150,6mm CH3620C-04-06
O-type shaft sealing ring M1162
Outlet tee (connector type) DN400xDN80 CH3834D-00
Fluidization tube DN150 SC095-SH01
Gasification accessories liner 45MD CH1282D-00
Cylinder repair kit A2214
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN200 P38576D-00
Gasket P5470E-00
Check valve 1 and a half inches A2969
Flexible joint P27143D-02 DN200
Coupling DN100 CP22060D-01
O-ring DN100 M5204
Exit tee DN400 x DN100 CH3825D-00
Shaft seat DN150 CP4678E-00
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN125 CH70630C-00
PD pump outlet elbow DN330xDN100 CH1226C-00
High pressure dome valve DN200 CH0571D-03
Gasket P5462E-00
Adjustment shim P9277E-07
Rotary cylinder (double acting) A4714 DN100 S92-118 A4714
Air control valve 4"P16583B-BS450/PN10
Export tee DV150-DN80 CH2535C-00
Solenoid valve A4003
Dome valve DN300 CH0300D-00/P30684D-00
Insert seal RED P17460C-01
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN175 10D CH3621C-05-03
Pneumatic valve P4348B-BS4504/10
Gasket P5460E-00
Seal support ring DN400 P14919B-00

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