Industry Spare parts

Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN125 5D CH3620C-03-01

Sector cylinder (electronically controlled) A3662
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN125 10D CH3621C-03-02
Spring cylindrical pinφ7x40 DN50&DN80 GB/T879.1-2000(M3271)
Extension section CH0952C-00
Air Control Valve 1-1/4" A3936
Connector¢8mm pipe nut A1772
Exhaust dome valve P30330D-00 P30332D-00
Exit tee DN300 x DN80 CH1900D-00
Insert seal RED P17458C-01
Drive shaft DN400 P15023C-00
Sector cylinder A1537
V-shaped dust ring M1006
Rotary cylinder repair kit DN125/150/200 A4924
Air supply unit assembly DN175 CH3550C-00
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN200 CH1861C-00
Check Valve 1/4" A3215
Check valve rubber gasket 1/2" CH0017E-00
Throttle 3/8*3.5 CP29772E-00
Top connector DN125 CP32418D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN225,6mm CH3620C-07-05
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN125 5D CH3620C-03-01
Pressure regulating valve DN65 CA2005
Spring cylindrical pin φ10x55 DN100 GB879-86
Dome valve seal DN200 P17460-01
Straight stroke cylinder DN200 φ100x250 DN200 P22457E-00
Insert sealing ring DN80 P19081C-00
Sealing gasket DN50 P2120A-050
Spacer ring DN200 CP2147C-00
Orifice plate DN50 P20124B-15
Solenoid valve 430 05429
Spacer ring DN250 CP4963B-01
Small MD pump main air inlet section assembly 2" joint control type CH1687D-00
Dome valve sealing ring DN200
Support bearing DN200 P26124E-00
Pneumatic limit switch A2033
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN125 CH1859C-00
Check valve DN65 B0231
Cylinder A20607
Gasket P2120A-54B
Voltage regulating unit assembly DN225 CH2258C-00
Top connector P29758B-00
Insert seal RED DN300 P17461C-01
Air Control Valve 2-1/2" A2891
Solenoid valve body A4007
Collar CP29768D-00
AV pump special pneumatic valve P4348B-BS4504/10
Extension section CP30858B-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN200 CH0301D-00/P30668D-00
Solenoid valve seat A2080
Pressure sensor E+H A3902
Vaporized membrane 370TD CP31804D-00
Air intake unit assembly DN80 DN100 CH1853C-00
Dome valve DN250 P30675D-00
Sector cylinder (electrically controlled--excluding electronic control board and solenoid valve) DN125/150/200 A3555
Insert sealing ring DN150 P4665B-01
Oil cup cover M3424
Dome valve DN150 P38573D-00
Solenoid valve CA1042
Support ring DN150 CP29614D-00
Air control valve repair kit 2"A2890W
Inlet Dome Valve P30668D-00
Check valve spool 1/2"A2958X
Dome valve DN200 P38659D-04
Fluidization check valve spool 2 inches A3382
Top connector CP29756B-00
Filter assembly 1/2" CA1007
Connector¢12mm pipe nut A1985
Exit tee DN500 x DN150 CH1893D-00
Pipe dome valve DN125 P38572D-00
O-type shaft sealing ring M1298
Spacer ring CP2147C-00
External thread straight cut-off joint 1/4*1.8-φ8 CA0013
Spring cylindrical pin Φ16x110 DN250 GB879-86
Pipe dome valve DN150 P38573D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN100,6mm CH3620C-02-06
Support ring CP29616D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN100 5D CH3620C-02-04
Top switching valve sealing ring DN250 P05341C-01
Flexible joint hose clamp 300MM P20306E-03
Air supplement DN200 CP37244D-02
Pneumatic two-piece assembly (filter + lubricator) QAF4000+QAL4000 1/2”
Coupling DN125 150 CP4965C-00
To wire 3/8" A1943
Dome valve DN200 CH0322D-00/P30667D-00
DN80 P19081C-00 129*87*20 dome valve sealing ring
Sector cylinder repair kit A2201
Throttle tube 12*3.5 CP19641E-10
Exhaust dome valve insert seal DN50 P19080C-00
O-ring seal M5207
Solenoid valve CA1051
Air supplement DN250 CH1740D-00
Bottom joint (including reverse flange and connector) DN300 CP4357B-00
Solenoid valve body CA1036
Vaporized membrane 210TD CP30884D-00
Solenoid valve body CA1001 CA1003 CA1035 CA1036
Check Valve 1-1/2"A3279
Gasket P5471E-00
Drive shaft CP11714E-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN150 5D CH3620C-04-02
Quick exhaust valve 1/4" A1084

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