Industry Spare parts

Concentration stabilizer CP19034D-02

Switching valve seal DN150(silicon)P1587C-05
Exit tee DN400 x DN200 CH1894D-00
Pipe filter DN25 1" A1036/CA2026
Solenoid valve A4003 B4K DN8
Sleeve compensator DN125 CP28061D-00
Connection flange CH0487D-00
Dust ring (water cooling) M1347
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN100 CH0342D-00/P30659D-00
Air supply unit assembly DN80 CH3546C-00
Dome valve (without cylinder) DN150 P38573D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN125 10D CH3621C-03-01
Water-cooled swing arm DN200 CP29696B-02
Coupling CP19643E-00
Air controlled angle valve 2 inches A2890
Dome DN250 CP2957A-00
Limit switch DN150,200,250 A1011
Concentration stabilizer CP19034D-00 1/2”
Air controlled angle valve 1/2” A1397
Remote Cable 3092A
Air controlled angle valve 1-1/4 inch A3936
CBH pneumatic sliding door DN175 CH70650C-00
Bearing (copper sleeve) P10414-01
Concentration stabilizer CP19034D-02
Air intake unit assembly DN175 DN200 CH1855C-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN250 5D CH3620C-08-04
Cylinder piston rod P22457E-00
High temperature insert seal DN200 P17460C-01
Connector 3/8 inch X ¢12mm straight connector A1993
Seal DN400 1.5mm P20557E-03
Orifice tube φ12 CP19641E-00
Connector¢12mm right angle elbow A2002
Rotary cylinder (double acting) A4712 DN80 S92-83 A4712
Dome valve fittings DN80
VARI sealing ring M3334
Combined bearing DN250 P8012D-00
DN200 P5524C-00/P17460-00 281*214*33 dome valve sealing ring
Fluidization tube DN125 CH1307D-00
Pipe filter 4 inches A1188
Online dome valve P30667D-00
V-shaped dust ring φ105 DN300 M1202
Fluidization tube DN80 CH1308D-00
Connector ¢12mm T-shaped inner wire tee CA0004
Coupling CP17199B-00
Air supplement DN200 CH0878D-00
Collar DN300 CP29621D-00
Dome valve PH1 DN100 CH0344D-00/P31217D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 30°-DN250 10D CH3621C-08-01
Seal assembly M3233
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 90°-DN80 5D CH3620C-01-04
Dome valve DN200 P38576D-00
Export tee DV200-DN175 CH2646D-00
Air supplement DN150 CH0668D-00
Collar DN50 CP29611D-00
Pneumatic butterfly valve (Y) with actuator DN65 CA2016
Dome valve (without seal) DN100 P38656D-04
Air valve N1/47424B
Exit tee DN500 x DN250 CP33081D-00
Gasket DN250 0.4mm P5473E-00
IK525 soot blower poppet valve parts B50580-010A
Throttle 1/4*2.0 P21194E-00
Output valve CH0087D-00/P3570D-00
Top plate DN50 CP29664D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 60°-DN225 10D CH3621C-07-03
Fluidization tube DN150 CP35045D-00
Filter DN200 QAF4000+QAL4000 CA1007 AC4010-04 1/2”
Dome valve DN300 CH0308D-00/P30683D-00
Hose 3/8" A1570
Top plate CP29669D-00
Ceramic wear-resistant elbow 45°-DN125 5D CH3620C-03-02
Dome valve fittings DN100 DN100 CH-DV100-GJ
Dome valve (without seal) DN200 P38574D-00
200 imported dome valve P30668D-00
Fluidization check valve 1/2 inch A2958
Air limit switch DN50 DN80 dome valve A2033
Air controlled angle valve 1 inch A2888
Inlet Dome Valve P30668D-00
Orifice tube 8*1.25 CP5895E-03
Material throttling plate DV150 CH1906D-00
Solenoid valve A4005
Air controlled angle valve P16583B-BS450/PN10
Coupling DN50 CP18586D-00
Sector cylinder A1096
V-shaped dust ring φ75 DN200 M3415
Sector cylinder DN100 090-100 DN100 A1096
Top switching valve tee DN200 CH0699C-00
Spacer ring CP5406D-00
Sector cylinder A1142
Air supplement DN175 CH2140D-00
Straight stroke cylinder sealing ring DN200 CH-DN200MF
Ceramic wear-resistant straight pipe DN125,4mm CH3620C-03-05
Gasket P2120A-54A
Support sleeve φ30xφ25x25 DN200 P26124E-00
Sector cylinder A1990
Rod type right angle pipe joint φ8 A1770
Right angle inner wire elbow Φ12 CH102-6-1743
Dome DN400 P14951A-00
Water cooling top plate CP31307D-00
Export tee DV150-DN100 CH0915C-00
Dome valve DN150 CP4677B-00
Outlet tee (connector type) DN500xDN200 CH1552D-00

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