Multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument

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Product description:WTZ-280 multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument 1 Overview Multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument is a pressure type thermometer single-indicating temperature measuring instrument. The instrument has greater innovation and d

WTZ-280 multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument
1 Overview
 Multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument, is a pressure type thermometer single-indicating temperature measuring instrument. The instrument has greater innovation and development than traditional pressure temperature measuring instruments. The volume of the temperature bulb can be reduced to 1/30 of the original. This multi-purpose temperature measuring instrument uses an equal scale dial with a range of 0-50℃, 0- 150°C is optional, and the application range is wider.
WTZ pressure type ordinary temperature measuring instrument is based on the basic form WTZ-280, derived from 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, etc. The function is basically the same as the corresponding explosion-proof product, except that the product is used for temperature measurement in non-explosion-proof occasions And adjustment. The case is divided into cast aluminum and stainless steel.
The material of the temperature measurement part (temperature bulb): red copper, red copper chrome-plated or 1Cr18Ni9Ti.
5. WTZ-280 is the basic form of pressure temperature instrument
6. WTZ-283, 284, 285 are pressure type remote signal temperature measuring instruments
This instrument is a composite instrument in which the platinum thermal resistance and the temperature bulb of the WTZ pressure thermometer are placed in the same temperature measuring device. The two temperature measurement systems are independent of each other and do not affect each other's measurement, which improves the reliability and accuracy of temperature measurement.
   Platinum thermal resistance remote signal wiring and transmitter wiring are the same as WTZd-283, 285
  7. WTZ-286, 287, 288 are pressure type electric contact temperature measuring instruments
The instrument is equipped with a contact device on the basis of the WTZ-280 single indication. By adjusting the structure, the set position of the pointer can be easily changed. When the measured temperature rises (or falls) to the set value, the instrument will give A switch signal used to control, adjust or alarm the measured temperature.
The contact type and electrical parameters, contact performance and wiring method of this instrument are the same as its corresponding explosion-proof product.
When selecting this type of instrument, the two functions of electric contact and shockproof cannot be provided at the same time.

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