QSK60-G6 diesel engine

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Product description:product details Performance characteristics Performance Pharacteristics, Body structure: The cylinder body is made of alloy cast iron and the wet cylinder liner can be replaced. The crankshaft is of alloy steel structure fully supported

Product details

Performance characteristics Performance Pharacteristics

■Body structure: The cylinder body is made of alloy cast iron, and the wet cylinder liner can be replaced.

The crankshaft is of alloy steel structure, fully supported, and the journal and fillet are quenched.

The piston is made of eutectic silicon alloy, the first ring groove is inlaid with a wear ring, and the oil is cooled.

■Intake system: exhaust gas turbocharged intake system with air/water-cooled intercooler.

■Lubrication system: The existing pump with variable flow is used to optimize the amount of oil entering the engine.

■Cooling system: built-in gear centrifugal water pump for forced water cooling; rotating water filter can prevent rust and corrosion and remove impurities.

■ Fuel system: Cummins patented fuel system is used to ensure full combustion.

■Filtration system: equipped with dry air filter with air resistance indicator.

■Starting system: It adopts DC battery to start the motor, with fast starting performance.

■Electrical system: BOSCH sliding gear starter motor, AC charging generator.

■Cold start performance: When there is no auxiliary device, the lowest ambient temperature of cold start is -7℃.

☆ Environmental Requirements

Altitude (m): ≤1000 Fuel standard: 0#Light diesel

Atmospheric pressure (kPa): ≥89.9 Oil standard: CF class/15W-40

Inlet temperature (℃): ≤40 Water quality PH value: 6.5-8

Relative humidity: ≤60% Surface growth mildew grade: ≤GB/T2423.16/2 level

Earthquake resistance: 0.2g horizontal acceleration 0.1g vertical acceleration

☆Generating Set Parameters

Unit model: FCG2200

Standby power (KW): 2000 Common power (KW): 1800

Unit size (mm): 6200×2300×2650 LP1m noise (dB): 92.4

Unit weight (kg): 15500 Rotation speed (r/min): 1800

Fuel consumption (g/kw.h): 198 Frequency (HZ): 60

Control system: LCD Chinese LCD numerical control (support ATS conversion function)

Transient voltage adjustment rate: ≤-15%/ +20% Steady-state voltage adjustment rate: ≤±1%

Voltage stabilization time: ≤3sec Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤0.5%

Voltage waveform distortion: ≤8% Steady-state frequency adjustment rate: ≤5%

Transient frequency adjustment rate: ≤-10%/+12% Frequency stabilization time: 3sec

Frequency fluctuation rate: ≤1.5%

☆ Engine Parameters

Diesel engine brand: Cummins/Cummins Place of origin: United Kingdom (Cummins Inc)

Diesel engine model: QSK60-G6 Maximum power (KW): 2000

Number of cylinders/arrangement: 16 cylinders/V type compression ratio: 14.5:1

Bore*Stroke (mm): 159×190 Displacement (L): 60.2

Oil pressure (kPa): 345~483 Oil temperature (°C): ≤121

Engine oil capacity (L): 280 280 Fuel system: PT pump direct injection

Cooling method: Closed water cooling cycle Start method: DC24V electric start

Speed ??control method: Electronic speed control Air intake method: pressurized, water and air cooling

Type: Four-stroke, 60°, air-cooled Constant load steady-state fluctuation rate: ±0.25%

Power deviation: ≦±5%

☆ Generator Parameters

Generator brand: English format Generator model: EG560-2200N

Generator efficiency: ≥90% Electricity Voltage: 400V/230V

Phase Number: Three-phase four-wire Type Type: Brushless self-excitation (AVR automatic voltage regulation)

Connection line: Y-connection method Insulation class: Class H

Power factor: COSΦ=0.8 lagging Protection level: IP22

Telephone influence coefficient: TIF: <50 Telephone harmonic coefficient: THF: <2%

☆ Standard Configuration of Generator Set

Engine part: engine, diesel compartment, air compartment, oil compartment, charger, starter motor.

Generator part: generator, air switch.

Control system: LCD digital display controller, electronic speed controller.

Other parts: water tank radiator, steel base, damping pad.

Accessories: muffler, battery, battery cable, engine oil, shockproof pad.

☆ Optional Matching Items (the cost is extra) Optional Matching Items

Electrical/oil system:

├ City/power generation conversion cabinet (ATS) ├ Parallel cabinets

├ Low-voltage power distribution cabinet Capacitor compensation cabinet

├ Remote monitoring system Cable (3×240+1×120mm²)

├ Oil-water separator Diesel meter

Related supporting projects:

├ Environmental protection silence project Exhaust gas purification project

├ Computer room ventilation engineering ├ Computer room civil engineering

├ Silent box Rainproof box

├ Trailer-type mobile power station Split-type daily fuel tank

├ Integrated base fuel tank

☆ Meet the standards Standards

International Standard ISO 8528:2005 Military Standard GJB 5785-2006

National Standard GB/T 2820-2002 Communication Standard YD/T 502-2007

Industry Standard JB/T 10303-2001 Enterprise Standard Q/TOTO 1-2009

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